eBill – The European billing ecosystem

SIX develops a fully integrated invoice-to-payment service for the European market. The fully digitalized solution is aimed to be used by major banks and invoice issuers and enables a single click payment process.

The Advantages


Successful, proven & extendable solution from Switzerland.


Creates new revenue streams for banks with significant potential.


Securing the customer interface through easy integration into e-/m-banking.


High transparency and protection against fraud.

Reduce cost

Significantly reduces costs by up to 65% per invoice.


Cuts the carbon footprint per invoice by up to 99%.

eBill offers an overall win-win-win situation

Consumers, businesses and banks benefit from the invoice-to-payment service that will support the SEPA Request-To-Pay (SRTP) scheme.
The service massively improves the user experience for debtors, as they receive invoices and initiate payments in a single step and within the familiar digital environment of their own bank. Businesses can not only enjoy zero-error payments but can also reduce the processing costs by up to 90%. Banks get a chance to strengthen their customer relationships and – through the reductions in paper invoices – also contribute to environmental protection. A further key advantage is the easy integration into the banks’ environments, thereby enabling fast and cost-effective implementations.

Facts and Figures (Switzerland)

50 % 50 %
of all Swiss households use eBill.
95% 95%
of all Swiss financial institutions are connected to the eBill infrastructure.
0 0
cases of fraud or abuse thanks to the highest technical and organizational security standards of the eBill infrastructure.

Rollout planned by 2023

We are currently planning the first applications in the European market by 2023. Starting with a pilot phase in Germany and Austria, we will initially focus on B2C payments and enable B2B payments as the next step. The solution will also be available for e-commerce and POS/POI at a later stage as both companies see a high market demand for the SRTP solution in the European market. EBA CLEARING has already set up the SRTP infrastructure that is waiting for first movers to enter the market. And this is when eBill comes into the game.


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